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The Project

The Meadow Wood Improvement Project will significantly expand the purpose and uses of the community outdoor ice rink located at the Meadow Wood Sports Complex with the addition of a roof and public facilities.  It will meet the community’s need for a year-round, multi-use facility that is open to all residents and communities; recreation, culture and sport groups, and more.

The project consists of putting a roof over the outdoor ice rink, and adding a public facilities and services building. The roof will cover the rink as well as the building structure.  It will remain an outdoor facility as more than 50% of the sides will be open.

The building structure will run the length of one side of the rink, and include five locker rooms, referees/first-aid room, bathroom facilities, storage, concessions and gathering room, and office space.  Additionally, bleachers for spectator viewing will be housed on top of the building as well as additional storage space.   The addition of the roof and building will also create a main and clear entry into the facility with a gazebo entrance.

The Need and Impact

By adding the roof and public facilities, this 28,500 sq. ft. covered facility will serve an important need in the community by not only extending the ice skating season, but by turning what is now only an ice rink into a unique, year-round multi-purpose destination that serves athletic, leisure, recreational and wellness needs, and enhances the entire community.

Outside of when the rink has ice, the facility is seldom used the other nine months of the year. With no protection from a roof, but instead complete exposure to the weather elements, it is too risky for users to count on being able to hold anything at the rink.

Additionally, the lack of public facilities, such as restrooms or meeting rooms, is a major hindrance.  These additions will be available to and benefit community-based programs and events during the rest of the year, such as trade fairs, exhibitions, gift and home shows, plays, family reunions, community meetings, birthday parties, group functions, fundraising events, outdoor dances and more.

It will make this community facility an asset year-round.  It will provide use of the facility and revenue streams all year long, instead of only during two to three winter months. It will maximize use of this community owned asset.