The Meadow Wood Improvement Project will be located at Meadow Wood Sports Complex, 200 Evergreen Heights, Woodland Park, Colorado.  The roof and public facilities will cover the existing ice rink allowing for additional use of the area.


We would love to hear from you with feedback, ideas, questions, or concerns.

Email:     Tgtaranto@yahoo.com

Phone:    303-641-7707

Address: PO Box 5923

Woodland Park, CO 80866


Committee meetings will be held once a month with the time and place to be announced on our website:  WoodlandParkRoof.com

All are welcome, and everyone is encouraged to get involved.

Committee members:

  • Landis Seabolt
  • Tom Taranto
  • Shelley Henggler
  • Trina Miller
  • Travis Seabolt
  • Margot Gray
  • Linene Kleppe
  • Geremy Gibson
  • Matt Gum
  • Dana Scarbrough
  • Bill Edie
  • Kara Hedrick
  • Andrea Newsham